Keeping Summer Alive: Fall In Love With Soaked

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Photo by: Bryan Lee Taylor

It’s hard to believe that summer officially draws to a close this Thursday. Yet the calendar doesn’t lie: Fall is nigh, and the transition from sweltering heat to cozy sweater weather is inching closer. 

Just don’t tell any of that to the four garage-rockers in the Austin band called Soaked, who will play Wednesday— the last day of summer— at Limelight.

Soaked plunges you into a pool of reverb and fuzz. Their pace is upbeat, yet the vocals are relaxed, as if being sung from a poolside recliner in mid-July. The result is a slacker-surf sound fused with the drive of punk that, though reminiscent of the Los Angeles band Wavves, captures the essence of blazing through chill and wild summer days alike. Speaking of the west coast, their debut album will be making its way onto the California-based independent label Burger Records later this year.

In the meantime, catch Soaked as they keep the summer vibes alive, right up until autumn's midnight arrival.

With Topo Chica. 9pm, 18+, $5, Wednesday September 21st, at Limelight. 2718 N St Mary's(210) 735-7775

Soaked- Addicted to the Weekend