Ted Cruz Finally Falls In Line, Endorses “Pathological Liar” For President

Ted Cruz Finally Falls In Line, Endorses “Pathological Liar” For President
Screenshot, C-SPAN
Ted Cruz was his party’s last big holdout, even when snubbing Donald Trump meant getting booed off the stage after his speech at the Republican National Convention. It all made sense, given Cruz’s well-earned reputation as a political bomb-thrower. He’s been boot-stomping party unity and giving his party’s establishment the finger since his entry to the big leagues, with the everyone-sucks Tea Party wave being key to his rise to the U.S. Senate.

So when the party establishment – people like Rick Perry, who went from calling Trump a “cancer on conservatism” to jockeying for a spot in any future Trump administration – started to one by one fall in line behind the candidate who launched his campaign calling Mexicans rapists and who called for a ban on Muslims entering the country, we expected nothing less than Cruz-level obstinance.

But Cruz didn’t earn his reputation for being a crass, opportunistic cut-throat political operative for nothing. Which means we shouldn’t be all that surprised that he folded like the cheapest of ill-fitting suits once his never-Trump stance started to get in the way of the one thing he seems to care about most: power.

Cruz, in a very long Facebook post announcing that he will indeed vote for Trump, naturally blames Hillary Clinton. Because of the president’s power to appoint judges to the U.S. Supreme Court, Obamacare, oil and gas regulations, immigration policy, national security and “Internet freedom,” Cruz is in the #NeverHillary camp.

That should be an unconvincing argument to anyone who watched the GOP presidential primary devolve into a dumpster fire. Trump and Cruz took pot shots over each other’s wives. Cruz called Trump, among other things, a “sniveling coward,” “pathological liar,” and “serial philanderer” who is “utterly immoral.” Trump responded by implying Cruz’s father had something to do with the Kennedy assassination.

The thing is, Cruz’s endorsement of Trump only really matters to him by this point (two months ago, Trump said he wouldn’t even accept it). Cruz was getting brow-beat by his fellow Texas Republicans for failing to jump on the Trump train just as he faced the prospect of yet another year in the Senate with few friends and a 2018 re-election campaign looming.

When he refused to endorse Trump this summer at the RNC, Cruz urged Republicans to vote their conscience. Friday was just a reminder that Ted Cruz always manages to cast his vote for Ted Cruz.