Mystic Braves Brings Psych-Rock's Yesteryear to San Antonio

Mystic Braves just lounging, you know, naturally and shit. - Courtesy
Mystic Braves just lounging, you know, naturally and shit.
Like a cross between a post-2010 era garage rock band, The Zombies (especially Odyssey and Oracle), and your favorite Nuggets compilation bands, Los Angeles outfit Mystic Braves makes fuzzy, dusty, and pleasantly chunky psych-rock with California vibes for days. Honestly, the picture above is every bit as good a descriptor of the band's sound as anything else.

Mystic Braves has accomplished a great deal, in terms of music and live gigging, in its five years of existence. The road-warrior five-piece has perfected its far out, low-key freak-out of a set through tireless touring (including a stop at Limelight just a few months back), but that hasn’t kept them from dropping three increasingly gnarly and surprisingly enduring albums that sometimes call to mind a sand-surfing trance in the key of Creedence Clearwater Revival (only subtler, more dreamy, and less soulful). Tomorrow, Mystic Braves hits Limelight in support of its best release to date, Days of Yesteryear, which came out last November.

For a little taste of what you can expect from the band's groovy live performance, dig the video below. Next, get out your best paisley duds and over-sized sunglasses, take a bath in patchouli oil, and turn on.

Mystic Braves feat The Dream Ride, Lake of Fire
$6.00-$10.00, Fri, Sept 30, 9:00pm, Limelight, 2718 N St Mary's St,