Get a Taste for The Strip's Latest Restaurant at Paper Tiger Tonight (Oh, and Loaded Boozy Milkshakes)

The intersection of Ashby and St. Mary's is quickly turning into the figurative, if not literal, epicenter of the St. Mary's Strip. That's evident in the Paper Tiger/Rumble compound where one can take in the night's festivities or a great show from the comfort of either of those patios. Tonight is no different.

Starting at 8 p.m. KRTU's Jeannette Muñiz will go live at the venue for a Sound on Sound Fest Edition broadcast with performances by Night DriveCalliope Musicals and Hard Proof, all of which are slated to perform in the inaugural SOS Fest in McDade, Texas the weekend of November 4-6. Stick around for a ticket giveaway. 

Foodies and boozies will want to turn out for the first-ever taste of what's to come with Chisme, the new Empty Stomach restaurant set to open across the street from Paper Tiger. Chef Mara Serna (formerly with The Monterey and most recently at several Houston eateries including Goro & Gun, Foreign Correspondents and D&T Drive Inn) has prepared two types of tamales, cochinita pibil and black bean with queso fresco. Bonus: Tamales are gratis. 

To really complete this Tuesday bacchanal, the ladies of Honey Suckle Tea Time are hosting a milkshake pop-up. Think of New York City's Black Tap milkshakes, and you're halfway there. The shake options include a chocolate chai cupcake milkshake, strawberry rose macaron and lavender sprinkle doughnut at $8 each. The shakes will be decked out with an accompanying mini macaron, doughnut, or cupcake, and will be piled with other goodies (candy, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, etc) per production assistant Olivia Hinojosa.