Health and Deafheaven Descend Upon Paper Tiger

Health: congregants at the altar of electro-noise. - FROM WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/HEALTHNOISE/
Health: congregants at the altar of electro-noise.
Just in time for the ostensibly dark and blustery days of mid-Fall, Paper Tiger is hosting Health and Deafheaven, two of the darkest stars in the solar system of heavy-as-fuck.

Aptly billed as an electronic-infused noise rock outfit, Health nevertheless, especially on its latest release Death Magic (2015), occasionally skews towards a kind of post-industrial dance sound. It's a mesmerizing spectrum to be sure, and the work that the Los Angeles-based band does really pushes the boundaries of all of the forms that it labors within.

While Health, which enjoys a cult-like following among noise-heads and electronic music fans alike, usually takes its sweet time crafting its hi-fi battering ram albums, fans have every right to hope that this show might feature some new tunes. Indeed, the band dropped a new song for the excellent Adult Swim Singles Series back in September, perhaps indicating that more new stuff is in the works, assuming that wasn't just a random one-off.

Meanwhile, Deafheaven, an increasingly-popular post-metal/blackgaze band from San Francisco, has been quite prolific since its start in 2010, dropping three stellar albums and a few EPs. More traditional in terms of its allegiance to metal tropes, Deafheaven's shows are supremely high-energy, with frontman George Clarke screaming like a soul in the immortal grips of hell-fire and tossing himself about like a tiny skiff on an apocalyptic seascape. 

All of this is to say that, as far as black masses go, this show promises to be one for the ages. 

Health, Deafheaven, Ho99o9
$20, Sun, Nov 6, 7:00pm, Paper Tiger, 2410 N St Mary's St,