In Case You Didn’t Know, There’s a Comic Con and a Film Festival Happening Downtown this Weekend

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Dead Awake

For Scott Langford, director of programming for the Alamo City Film Festival, it wasn’t a question of quality versus quantity when he helped curate this year’s film festival lineup. He wanted both.

“I wanted to grow the festival, but do it in a way where we maintained quality content,” Langford told the Current last week. “So, we doubled the amount of films screening this year.”

Langford also wants to make sure festival attendees actually know there is a film festival taking place concurrently with Alamo City Comic Con, a problem he said they ran into last year during their inaugural year.

“I think we could have done better connecting with the ACCC crowd,” he said. “Most of the people who attended didn’t even know there was a film festival going on next door.”

The schedule for the second annual film festival lists 49 short and feature-length films from all genres—horror, thriller, comedy, drama, documentary, action and family—and from all around the world.

Below is a quick preview of the eight feature films screening at this year’s ACFF. For a complete schedule, visit

En Tránsito Faced with the difficult decision to leave their children behind so they can provide them with a better life, Latin American women risk everything to earn a decent wage for their families by working across Europe. The documentary tells the story of some of these brave Latina immigrants, a majority of whom rarely see their sons and daughters. Oct. 28, 11:30am, Mexican Cultural Institute

Slash High school freshman Neil (Michael Johnston) spends his time writing erotic, sci-fi fan fiction. When his secret is exposed, classmate Julia (Hannah Marks) encourages him to post some of his stories online where he garners the attention of website forum moderator Denis (Michael Ian Black), who invites him to read excerpts of his work at a comic-book convention. Oct. 28, 7pm, Lila Cockrell Theater

Elite Directed by San Antonio-based filmmaker Mark Cantu (Now Hiring), the action film follows newly-promoted Naval Investigator Abbey Vaughn (Allison Gregory) as she and former operative Sam Harrigan (Jason Scarbrough) investigate the deaths of members of a covert team known as Elite. Oct. 28, 7:30pm, Mexican Cultural Institute

Badsville Nothing goes well for anyone in a town where love doesn’t exist. When the leader of a violent greaser gang finds love outside of Badsville, his determination to leave tests the crew’s loyalty and pits rivals against one another. The film stars Emilio Rivera (TV’s Sons of Anarchy). Oct. 28, 10pm, Lila Cockrell Theater

Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe Listen up San Antonio Metro Health District officials. Take some time out of your Saturday afternoon and attend this screening so you can intercept moviegoers and provide them with actual facts to debunk a fear-mongering film (yes, we’ve seen it) that falsely alleges vaccinations cause autism in children. Next thing you know, District Attorney Nico LaHood will claim he saw Bigfoot in Boerne and ACFF will screen Harry and the Hendersons as a documentary. Oct. 29, 2:30pm, Mexican Cultural Institute

Dead Awake Shot in San Antonio, the horror film follows a young social worker (Jocelin Donahue) as she investigates the mysterious deaths of people during a state of sleep paralysis. The script was written by Jeffrey Reddick, the screenwriter behind four of the five Final Destination movies, and co-stars Jesse Bradford (Swimfan) and Lori Petty (Netflix's Orange Is the New Black). Oct. 29, 7pm, Lila Cockrell Theater

Stage V Directed by San Antonio-based filmmaker Buddy Calvo (The Powderkids), the apocalyptic sci-fi film deals with questions of mortality as Earth’s population declines because of a viral outbreak that—in its final stage—has killed everyone except children and teenagers who must now fend for themselves and survive at any cost. The film was executive produced by former San Antonio Spurs forward Boris Diaw. Oct. 29, 10pm, Lila Cockrell Theater

Our Mother When Zayane (Milouda Chaqiq) receives a letter informing her of the death of a man she once knew in Algeria, the 75-year-old woman leaves her apartment building to collect a box that has been bequeathed to her. While out, her 11 children meet at her apartment and are surprised to learn something about their mother they never knew. Oct. 29, 10:30pm, Mexican Cultural Institute.

Alamo City Film Festival, $7 (single screenings), $25 (1-day pass), $45 (2-day badge), Oct. 28-29, Lila Cockrell Theater & Mexican Cultural Institute, 200 E Market & 600 Hemisfair Plaza Way,