Live Music Roundup: Who to See This Weekend

Friday, November 4

click to enlarge Image via Facebook (Creepoid)
Image via Facebook (Creepoid)
Nocturnal and brooding, the cerebral Creepoid is a post-punk quartet borne off the dirty streets of Philadelphia. Reverting to the melodic noise rock heard in 90’s grunge – remember Sonic Youth’s primordial Goo? – Creepoid waltzes through waves of distortion in a way that evokes the phantasmal presence of Kurt Cobain. Fittingly, the band’s lyrics plunge into the weariness and exhaustion of creative minds, but executes this thematic descent in a way that never demands too much of its listener. Although Creepoid often slips into darker moments that feel fractured and detached, the band is able to transcend the doom and gloom of its grungy texture in lush tracks like “American Smile.” What emerges is a blissful arrangement of strange loops that borders on déjà vu. Creepoid enters the void along with Future Museums and Hypersleep at the psychedelic mainstay of San Antone, K23. 8pm, $8, K23, 703 Fredericksburg