San Antonio 100: Healthy, Kosher, Delicious Falafel at Moshe's Golden Falafel

click to enlarge The plate with Spicy Red falafel - ERIN WINCH
Erin Winch
The plate with Spicy Red falafel

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What's better than a healthy, vegan meal? How about your rabbi putting his stamp of approval on your Kosher lunch choice. One of the best bites in town, the falafel at Moshe’s, is the star player in any of the two entrée options at the local business.  An entrée at Moshe’s Golden Falafel can consist of either a plate or a pita, both of which come with great Mediterranean sides and three freshly made falafel of your choice.

While everything at the lunch spot is great, the ‘spicy red’ falafel stands out the most amidst the great flavors offered. The falafel is made with a traditional chickpea base and then mixed with a house made harissa. If you haven’t had harissa before, you’re missing out. It’s a spicy red paste that is a mix of roasted red peppers, spicy peppers, and garlic. The spicy falafel fits in perfectly with the freshly made pita or over your tabbouleh salad, which cuts out the heat the fried ball of chickpea offers.

While the falafel does pair well with the stellar entrees that Moshe’s serves, it stands alone as well. Its slight spice packs enough flavor that you will be craving it throughout the rest of the day. Top it with a little bit of the homemade tahini, and you’re left with a meal that is out of this world.

Moshe’s Golden Falafel opened its first location off of McCullough in the Olmos Park shopping center in 2015. This year the eatery set up a second shop in a store front off of Houston Street, making the delicious kosher food available as a lunch option for tourists and full time downtown workers alike.

3910 McCullough Ave., (210) 994-9838 and 300 E. Houston St. (210) 966-0333.