Lowcountry Brings You "An Open Mic That Doesn't Suck"

Instagram, do210
As we've told you, there’s a sweet new southern-style dive bar in Southtown. The bar, Lowcountry, is as quaint as they come, fashioned in an old house, but boasts some fancy cocktails and an upscale take on traditional bar eats.

Apart from the food and drink offerings, Lowcountry is already showing some dedication to local music, hosting a special, monthly music series called Back Yonder, which looks to spotlight the best singer-songwriters in town. The first installment of Back Yonder, which is curated by talented local musicians Torin Metz (Flower Jesus Quintet, Sunjammer, Driftinwoods) and Garrett T. Capps, went down last month (with the theme of "home/ain't got no home"), the second one was last night (with the theme of endings), and your next chance to catch the every-third-Sunday series is January 15 (from 6pm-8pm).

In a series of email exchanges, I got some additional details on the scope and spirit of the new, themed songwriter’s night.

For Metz, who frames the series as “kind of an open mic that doesn't suck,” Back Yonder represents a swell opportunity to “challenge folks to hone their craft and to create.”

Capps, meanwhile, explained that “Lowcountry's environment caters to this kind of event well, and we are looking forward to the monthly gathering becoming known for quality talent and impromptu collaborations.”

All in all, Back Yonder seems like a fine improvement on the typical clusterfuck of an open mic, with Metz and Capps hosting as well as playing (at least a little) and curating. For music lovers and budding songwriters alike, Back Yonder is just structured enough to know you’ll be getting something good, even if you don't know quite what it is yet.