Fliers at Texas State Tell White Men to Take Back "The Country Your Ancestors Died For"

twitter via @karennashleyy
Even more creepy, race-baiting fliers surfaced at Texas State University this week, this time urging white men to take their country back from the "Globalist traitors [who] are destroying your race and heritage through open borders, affirmative action, and Marxist 'political correctness.'"

The fliers, reportedly posted around the San Marcos campus by members of the white nationalist group American Vanguard, aren't an isolated occurrence at Texas State. Other fliers were posted around campus the day after the November 8 election that gave us President Donald Trump, fliers calling for the forming of "tar & feather vigilante squads" to round up and torture "deviant" people on campus "spouting off all this Diversity Garbage." The fliers appeared to be the work of Trump supporters (who called themselves the "Texas State Vigilantes"), and featured the image of five guys dressed in camo and armed with shotguns and rifles.

Maybe people were just trolling the campus, but the fliers that surfaced a month later took on a more serious tone, urging the university community to report suspected undocumented immigrants to immigration enforcement officials. Whoever made the fliers tried to make them look like an official government message, including a U.S. Department of Homeland Security seal. The fliers declared: "We are entering an era of law and order in this country. Do your part to make such a change for good." It even included the phone number and website where you can give tips to U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement.

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The fliers come as a group of Texas State students, staff and faculty push for the school to become a "sanctuary campus" where, among other things, school officials refuse to release information on students' immigration status and prohibit campus housing discrimination based on it. They've filed a petition with the school's president, Denise Trauth, who has flatly rejected the idea. Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott has vowed to expand his legislative crack-down on "sanctuary cities" to "sanctuary schools."

Trauth on Tuesday acknowledged the most recent "unauthorized fliers posted on campus," saying in a tweet that school staff was looking into it. The white nationalist group that claimed responsibility for them told Austin TV station KVUE that it just wanted to "spread the word of our organization and promote our ideals." Which is now apparently the kind of thing Texas university students are having to get used to in the post-Trump era.