Giant sticker of Ted Cruz in bondage gear pops up on San Antonio wall and Twitter goes wild

A twitter user spotted this wall sticker of Ted Cruz on the St. Mary's Strip. - Twitter / @Jackasaurus3
Twitter / @Jackasaurus3
A twitter user spotted this wall sticker of Ted Cruz on the St. Mary's Strip.

Twitter is aflame with Ted Cruz mockery after a user shared a snap of a San Antonio wall sticker depicting Texas' junior senator garbed in leather bondage gear and with his prestigious gut bearing a "Proud Boy" tattoo.

Naturally, the GOP senator is also holding a riding crop, and his face looks, well, as smirky and punchable as ever. We're guessing the leather gear is a Photoshop job — although you never know, given that Cruz's official Twitter account once "liked" a graphic porno post.

Clearly, the sticker, spotted on the St. Mary's Strip, is tweaking Cruz for egging on January 6 insurrection with his repeated — and debunked claims — that voter fraud undermined the 2020 election. The far-right Proud Boys were among the groups whose members sacked the U.S. Capitol to demand Donald Trump be handed a second term.

As for the bondage gear, we're guessing that's an effort to get a rise out of the arch-conservative lawmaker — no, not that kind of rise, although remember the porn tweet. Cruz, after all, has been branded one of the most anti-LGBTQ+ members of the Senate over his longtime opposition to marriage equality and his support of restrictions on where transgender people can go potty.

So far, much of the online response to the sticker has been of the I-love-this-even-though-I-cannot-unsee-its-hideousness variety. Because even though Texas keeps reelecting Ted Cruz, plenty of Texans are sickened by him.

Given the response, it seems like a safe bet these stickers will soon proliferate well beyond the St. Mary's Strip.

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