'Welcome to Texas' is trending on Twitter, and not because folks like Abbott, blackouts or abortion bans

Gun crazy Greg Abbott: Can anyone say "overcompensating?" - TWITTER / @GREGABBOTT_TX
Twitter / @GregAbbott_TX
Gun crazy Greg Abbott: Can anyone say "overcompensating?"

It all started with a Thursday afternoon tweet by Lone Star State resident Jaqueline Rodriguez welcoming a Canadian woman who announced she was relocating to the "great state of Texas."

"Welcome to Texas! No vaccine mandates or passports, and no mask mandates," Jaqueline Rodriguez tweeted in reply. "Our leaders respect and value the people and their livelihoods. As a native Texan, I do have a simple request- please vote responsibly.."

We're guessing Rodriguez added the extra period at the end of her tweet to make sure everyone knew she was extra serious about the voting responsibly part. Of course, Canadians don't automatically gain the right to vote here unless they go through the arduous process of becoming U.S. citizens. But, alas, we digress.

Nearly 8,000 tweets followed Rodriguez's greeting on Thursday night, making "Welcome to Texas" trend on Lone Star State Twitter. Well, shit howdy! Yeehaw!


Some Twitter users who joined in gave Rodriguez a verbal high five and wagged their fingers at Californians who want to move here and turn the state a nauseating color of blue.

But it appeared that a greater number took the opportunity to mock the state over the incompetence and callousness of its Republican lawmakers, its fetishization of firearms, its inability to keep the lights on, its $10,000 bounty on women who exercise their right to get an abortion and its abysmal record on looking out for the rights of, well, anybody other than white Christian men.

Not surprisingly, a fair amount of that mockery came from residents of the Lone Star State itself, evoking shades of that old horror movie trope "The call is coming from inside the house!"

We rounded up a few of the choicest "Welcome to Texas" replies. You're welcome. (Please keep your firing of unlicensed firearms into the air to a safe minimum.)

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