Judson ISD probing social media account posting photos of students pooping

click to enlarge Judson High School has stepped up staff patrols around its bathrooms. - FACEBOOK / JUDSON HIGH SCHOOL
Facebook / Judson High School
Judson High School has stepped up staff patrols around its bathrooms.

Judson ISD is investigating an Instagram account that allegedly posts photos of students “going No. 2” in school bathrooms without their permission or consent, according to San Antonio media reports.

District officials told the Express-News they're unsure whether members of the Judson High School community run the accounts and whether the photos are of their students at all.

The Current was unable to reach Judson ISD officials Monday for comment. 

However, in a statement shared with News4SA, district officials said those responsible for sharing the videos will be punished. What's more, Judson High has increased staff patrols near the school’s bathrooms.

Even so, Alexis Solomon, a parent whose kids are enrolled at Judson High, has seen the Instagram account @jhs.poopers and said she's frustrated with the school’s response.

“Who wants their child posted on social media taking a poop?” she told the TV station. “That’s a violation of privacy.”

Social media accounts featuring students taking dumps aren't unique to Judson ISD, and have been reported on elsewhere. Videos where students steal soap dispensers, sinks and toilets from school bathrooms have also made recent headlines, as have TikTok clips of students slapping their teachers.

Solomon told News4SA she's worried about potentially violent or tragic outcomes from the bathroom clips. 

“They could want to retaliate and fight,” Solomon said. “They could not be strong enough to handle it and be suicidal."

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