New canned wine and lemonade spritzer Roseade now available in Texas

The Australia-based tipple marries fizzy wine and tart lemonade. We're not sure why.

click to enlarge Roseade marries fizzy wine and tart lemonade. - Photo Courtesy Roseade
Photo Courtesy Roseade
Roseade marries fizzy wine and tart lemonade.
A summer mashup no one in Texas appears to have asked for has hit Lone Star State liquor stores.

Roseade — a ready-to-drink canned spritzer that marries fizzy rosé wine and tart lemonade — is now available for poolside sipping, according to an announcement from its Australia-based producer.

The bubbly tipple clocks in with 8% ABV and offers “sweet and perfectly tart” flavors from fresh-squeezed lemonade, according to the company's tasting notes.

Here's where we ask a perfectly reasonable question: why add sugary lemonade to a perfectly good, slightly dry sparkling rosé? We have no clue. Maybe it's an Aussie thing.

In any case, Roseade is available now in Texas liquor stores and on the company’s website in both 4-packs and 24-pack cases of 250 milliliter slim cans. Canned spritzer fanatics can also find the new sipper on boozy delivery service Drizly.

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