New exhibition featuring portraits by San Antonio artist Barbara Felix debuts at Sala Diaz this week

Felix’s exhibition, 'The Glorious Way She Moves — New Works,' will open with a public reception on Thursday, Feb. 2.

click to enlarge Barbara Felix, detail of The Glorious Way She Moves — Shelby, 2023. - Courtesy Photo / Barbara Felix
Courtesy Photo / Barbara Felix
Barbara Felix, detail of The Glorious Way She Moves — Shelby, 2023.
A selection of new works by artist Barbara Felix — a series of multi-layered, large-scale portraits framed as an exploration of female movement and form in every phase of womanhood — will be on view at Sala Diaz from Feb. 2 through Feb. 24.

Felix's portraits feature a number of women, both in youth and in maturity. In her process, she recorded a video of each woman dancing, then used individual frames as reference to capture each subject’s individuality and expressive nuances. As a multiracial and cultural artist, Felix seeks to question the inaccurate or misplaced labels that are often attached to cultures, race and the feminine gender. Her work functions as a meditation on female self-esteem, and the remarkable features women portray as individuals when released from societal scrutiny.

In a press release, Felix said, “During their dance, I specifically look for physical and expressive nuances my subjects demonstrate, and intuitively investigate these individual signature movements through experimental drawing, painting and layering to reveal each subjects' aesthetic. By doing this I experience a connection to their beauty without stereotyping. It is that connection I share in my work.”

After an opening reception on Thursday, Feb. 2, the exhibition will be on view through February 24 by appointment.

Free, 6 p.m.-9 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 2, Sala Diaz, 517 Stieren St.,

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