Feds investigating two former members of San Antonio's Fiesta royalty over government contracts

Ken Flores was Rey Feo LXX in 2018, and Tony Flores was Rey Feo in 1996.

click to enlarge Kenneth "Ken" Flores (right) waves to the crowd during his time as Rey Feo LXX. - Facebook / Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores
Facebook / Rey Feo LXX Ken Flores
Kenneth "Ken" Flores (right) waves to the crowd during his time as Rey Feo LXX.
Forget Buckingham Palace. Looks like the Alamo City may have its own royal scandal brewing.

Two former members of Fiesta San Antonio royalty and a family member face a federal probe into alleged efforts to rig $140 million in specialized janitorial contracts for military hospitals, the Express-News reports.

Kenneth “Ken” Flores and his father Antonio “Tony” Flores Jr. — both former Rey Feos — are accused of conspiring with former federal contract workers to unfairly secure contracts to clean U.S. Army hospitals in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, according to the daily.

The Floreses reportedly operate San Antonio-based Allegiance Environmental Services and Helpful Hands Inc. The feds also are looking into one of Ken Flores' brothers, Chris, as part of the probe, according to the paper.

The Express-News noted that the Floreses haven't been arrested, charged with a crime or even named in court documents. However, the daily said it identified the men through other public records obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request and through "law enforcement sources."

In 2020, Pentagon investigators raided the men's businesses and Shavano Park homes in connection with the case, according to the Express-News' reporting.

An attorney for Ken Flores told the Express-News his client won the federal contracts based on a fair and open process, adding that pact required specialized cleaning services for which his business was uniquely qualified.

“The company has provided a level of service that is unmatched by others in the field," lawyer Mike McCrum told the paper. "No one even comes close."

Lawyers for Tony Flores — who include
former Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood and attorney Jay Norton — told the Express-News they're in contact with federal officials but the government hasn't yet provided documents about its purported investigation.

Chris Flores’ lawyer declined comment, according to the paper.

For Fiesta diehards keeping score at home, Ken Flores was Rey Feo LXX in 2018, and Tony Flores was Rey Feo in 1996, the daily reports. Ken’s mother in 2003 became the first Hispanic woman to serve as president of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission.

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