Tim Duncan Welcomes Baby with Girlfriend, Reveals His Love for Comic Books

In the off chance you haven’t heard by now, Spurs hall-of-famer Tim Duncan and girlfriend Vanessa Macias welcomed their daughter last week.

While many suspected Macias was pregnant after spotting a bit of a baby bump at Duncan’s retirement ceremony in December, Duncan only confirmed the birth of their first child together on the latest episode of Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing.

Maybe a bit more surprising than that fact that San Antonio’s favorite Spur becoming a father again at 40 years old, is the name that he and Macias chose for their daughter: Quill.

Duncan, a comic book fan, paid tribute to Peter Quill, better known as Star Lord, of Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy, but made sure the name had a special meaning for Macias as well.

“My girlfriend, she also writes a lot too, so it’s like a pen quill,” Duncan said in the interview. “It’s a combination of all the things.”

Duncan and Macias have been dating since 2013.