San Antonio food truck Eklectic Eats closing this weekend

Eklectic Eats chef Emma Olivas told followers the closure is temporary.

Eklectik Eats will temporarily close Saturday, Nov. 11. - Facebook / Eklectik Eats
Facebook / Eklectik Eats
Eklectik Eats will temporarily close Saturday, Nov. 11.
Puerto Rican and Caribbean street food truck Eklectic Eats is closing up shop this weekend, citing a “new opportunity” for its chef.

Chef-owner Emma Olivas  shared the news on Facebook that she’s been offered a new gig, which means Saturday, Nov. 11, will be diners’ last chance to get their hands on the truck’s island fare. Even so, the closure is only temporary and the truck will return in the future for pop-ups, she noted.

Olivas, a native of Puerto Rico, moved to San Antonio after finishing a degree in restaurant management, according to Eklectic Eats' website. She launched the truck in 2019 and has been serving up savory takes on empanadillas, mofongo and alcapurrias, a popular Puerto Rican fritter dish made with taro or yucca, plantains and sofrito then stuffed with picadillo and fried.

At press time, it’s unclear what OIivas' new opportunity is and when the truck will resume service.

Eklectic Eats will be open at 12157 Potranco Road 4-8 p.m. Friday and 2-8 p.m. Saturday.

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