Your Guide to San Antonio's City Council Elections

With the city's May 6 election quickly approaching (and early voting already upon us), it's time you figure out who you want to represent you at city hall — not just in the mayor's office, but in the council chambers. This year, every single council seat is up for grabs — and only six of the ten current council members are hoping to stay put. No matter how Election Day ends, we're in for a guaranteed shake-up. To help you get up to speed, we've created a mini guide to the candidates in the running before you head to the polls.

Below you'll find the occupation of each candidate and a recent quote from them, straight from the campaign trail. To learn more about each candidate's platform on their campaign website, click on their name (some of the candidates don't have a website).

Don't know who represents you in city council? Click here.

Roberto C. Treviño
— Incumbent District 1 City Councilman. "We must tell this story where it began and ensure a legacy that we can all appreciate. San Antonio is awesome, especially for its history which is weaved into the fabric for all of us to enjoy."

Lauro A. Bustamante — Attorney.

Robert Feria — Union organizer. “We must make San Antonio a city of, by, and for the people — not for special interests.”

Adrian Flores — Landlord. “There’s hundreds of empty buildings out here that landlords and property owners like to just sit around and do nothing with. I would definitely look into crafting an eminent domain law to go get those buildings for nonprofits and turn them into affordable housing"

Michael Montano — Attorney. “San Antonio allowed me to reach for the American Dream. As your District 1 City Council member, I pledge above all to protect that opportunity for you and your loved ones—right here at home.”

Ross A. Trevino — Former city hall staffer.

Alan E. Warrick, II — Incumbent District 2 City Councilman. "Zero murders or gunshots, zero unemployment, zero vacant homes, lots and businesses, and zero stray dogs."

Dori L. Brown— Tax preparer. “My goal is to reduce gun violence — which isn’t an issue that SAPD can fix but an issue that must be addressed at the root – the home.”

William "Cruz" Shaw — Lawyer. “Let's move beyond ineffective political talking points like ‘shot spotter’ and let's start focusing on community policing, efforts to reduce response time, getting weapons out of the hands of criminals, and creating safe spaces for dialogue.”

Keith A. Toney — Former city councilman. “I will return responsible, mature representation to the District 2 council office.”

Nathan Carrizales
– Student. “I will demand accountability for the people of my district. Sinkholes, graffiti, increased crime rates, violence, and vandalism to private property are perfect examples of how our community is being neglected.”

Rebecca J. Viagran — Incumbent District 3 City Councilwoman. "I have spent the past two years fighting for every dollar that I can bring back to us so that we can get the resources and investment we’ve needed for far too long."

Sylvia E. Don — Community organizer. “Sylvia E. Don is not for sale to no investors nor lobbyists."

Ralph E. Gerber — Self-employed (unknown). “No ban, no wall. Free press is the embodiment of democracy.”

Ismael Reyes — Owner of vending company. “There are various issues that concern me. Of these issues, the preservation of the integrity of our residential areas is of high importance.”

Jerome C. Durham — Non-profit employee. "We need to ensure District 3 is a place where everyone feels safe. This includes stray/rabid dogs, up to violent crime where San Antonio has increased over 24 percent from 2015.”

Jessica O. Guerrero — Community organizer.  “I am running because I’m concerned that developers are calling the shots in District 3 rather than the people of District 3."

Rey Guevara
— Catholic youth minister. "I believe San Antonio has long lacked a voice for liberty-based, conservative politics, and I intend to provide a platform for these views.”

Rey Saldana — Incumbent District 4 City Councilman. "Jobs are created by committed people from all walks of life who decide to start or expand a business. The task for your elected officials is to encourage that sort of commitment, and I pledge to make our district an attractive location both for existing businesses, as well as for new and growing companies."

Johnny Arredondo — College and high school basketball official.

Shirley Gonzales — Incumbent District 5 City Councilwoman. "I want to continue to serve our District, to improve our quality of life by ensuring that our infrastructure needs are met, create a safe environment, grow business and employment opportunities, protect or help develop programs that will benefit our seniors and students.

Cynthia T. Cavazos — Hotel housekeeper. “We will aid in the migrant let down, which means we will train and send them back to their country. We may have to obtain the approval...but, based on a plan I have in the making, it’s possible.”

David C. Yanez — Immigration attorney. “We need to create more living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public safety, drug addiction/homelessness in particular, a top priority.”

Richard Montez — Human resources recruiter. “Our goal is to create partnerships and initiatives that will directly impact our youth and seniors, our homeless and hungry, and our entrepreneurs and business owners.”

Daniel Lopez — Construction company owner.

Dolores Sotomayor — Office coordinator. “Equity before equality.”

Eric Gosset
– Logistics expert. “I have the dedication, vision, drive and ambition to hit the ground running.”

Ricardo "Rick" Trevino — High school teacher.  “I can provide the bold leadership needed to achieve the goals in my platform. As your council representative, I will fight for working families, and together we will build a better future for our children and families in District 6.”

Melissa Cabello Havrda — Attorney.  “Safe sidewalks and safe neighborhoods — listening to working families and giving them a voice — is what our campaign is all about."”

Joseph Cortez — Senior advisor to city council.  “I want to work to develop alternative methods of transportation to help relieve traffic congestion, and I also want to protect our first-rate parks or green spaces to keep San Antonio beautiful.”

Ropal Anderson — Data analyst.

Greg Brockhouse —  Business and political consultant. “I will focus on being a humble fighter whose main goal is to deliver exactly what the community wants.”

Robert Castaneda — Payroll analyst.

Don Page — IT professional. “ I hope to continue to fight for needs of the least among us, and to serve people from every portion of our diverse community.”

Michele Dalbis-Robledo
— Neighborhood activist. “The three things I view as most important to our district are our commitment to developing our community, maintaining that community, and engaging its residents towards common solutions.”

Cris Medina — Incumbent District 7 City Councilman. "For the last six years, my commitment has always been about the issues that matter most to you and your family: public safety, streets, sidewalks, drainage and alleviating our traffic concerns, but most importantly, protecting your tax dollars."

Marco Reyes — High school teacher.

Ana Sandoval — Environmental health consultant. “As of Day One, I will be a tireless advocate for infrastructure funding in District 7 and will prioritize projects by greatest need. I will work with communities and transportation partners to bring sidewalks, lighting, and traffic calming devices to our neighborhoods.”

Alfredo Esparza Colunga — Retired civil rights activist.

Shane A. Hinze — UTSA employee.  “I know every person who is running for a political position says phony stuff to get elected or to get money, but I really am doing this because I feel the Lord is calling me to it.”

Cynthia Brehm — Retired marketing specialist. “As you know, many times our tax dollars are misused. As your City Council representative, I will ensure that insiders are not getting rich on our tax dollars.”

Manny Pelaez — Lawyer. "We need to prepare for the 1.1 million people predicted to move here in the next two decades. I'll be focused on our infrastructure, public safety, natural resources, and economic development opportunities.”

Pat Stout — Travel agent business owner. “As your councilwoman I’ll fight for solutions to crime and traffic, uphold fiscal responsibility, and ensure that we act on a strong plan to accommodate for the largest-anticipated percentage of growth in the history of our city.”

Tony Valdivia — Financial analyst. “I am committed to making San Antonio the model that other cities strive for. I believe we can reach new heights in civic engagement, achieve record levels of volunteerism, and together we can solve the problems that plague other cities.”

Paul Martin — Financial advisor. “I’m confident that I can make good decisions to deal with current problems and develop creative solutions to bring on the future.”

John Courage
— High school teacher.  “As your next councilman, I will work to ensure that our residents and our law enforcement officers are able to work together and look out for each other.”

David "Doc" Cohen — Cardiothoracic surgeon.  “I think that my background in the military, healthcare, state disaster planning with the Texas State Guard, and involvement with our local universities gives me a unique insight into problems and solutions faced by San Antonio.”

Patty Gibbons — Land surveying business owner. “As City Councilwoman I will work in partnership with our SAFFE officers and with the Homes Association to develop active Citizens On Patrol programs, assist and attend HOA’s National Night Out events and the use of the Nextdoor app.”

Lynlie Wallace — State representative chief of staff. “As a fiscal conservative, I pledge to be a good steward of your tax dollars and fight against tax increases.”

Matt Pina —  Salesperson. “I promise that I will do what I can in ushering in a better society for District 9, one where men and women have the chance to work, where youth gain a future and the old gain security.”

Marco Barros — Director of local tourism organization. "It is important to develop and foster strong working relationships with our first responders so they can better understand the needs of our citizens, protect our neighborhoods and reduce crime."

Patrick Von Dohlen — Conservative political activist and financial adviser. “As a boy brought up on the Texas range, a fierce independence runs through my blood. I can’t be swayed from my principles and I do my best to serve my God, my family and my country on a daily basis.”

Adam Goodman — Tax consultant and taxi driver.

Bert T. Cecconi — Retired dentist and Air Force colonel.

Sandra Martinez-Deyarmond — Mental health clinician. "I support a stronger and accountable law enforcement."

Andrew J. Padilla
— Retired social services caseworker. “I believe in voting for the candidate, not the party. I am a liberal/moderate, and pro-life. And for smaller government, with greater access to the people."

Clayton Perry — Retired Lt. Colonel and engineer. "As the only active duty military retiree on council, I will be the 'bridge' between the military and City of San Antonio."

Jonathan Delmer — Firearms dealer. “Families are the backbone of our community.”

Ezra A.  Johnson — Oil and gas attorney. “My primary goal as a member of city council is to help make San Antonio a functional, modern, multigenerational city.”

Reinette King — Relator. “I am a conservative leader who will work to find constructive solutions for our community’s challenges.”

Lon Jett IV — Retired Army sergeant.  “I am passionate about the security of my north east community. If I am elected I will not only install community policing programs, I will also insist that the city install more street lights on dark roads.”

Diana Kenny — School psychologist. “My goal is to increase available and appropriate housing for San Antonio children caught in the grasp of homelessness.”

John Alvarez — Licensed professional counselor. “If we are to expect our neighbors to become more engaged in the governing process, we must first show them that their voices are being heard and they matter.”

Eric Robert Morse — Web developer. “I will fight to preserve an environment where all citizens can openly follow their faith and practice their conscience.”

Celeste Montez-Tidwell — Child care worker. “I am running because I wish to guarantee a better and safer future for all children.”