SA Music Showcase: Garage/Psych at Ventura

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Originating in the mid-1960s with British and American musicians, psychedelic rock is meant to enhance the perception-altering experiences of hallucinogenic drugs — namely, LSD. While having out-of-body moments may be a fun way to pass the time, you don’t need to be on drugs to appreciate True Indigo’s whimsical overtones and fuzzy guitars. Their slow-burn music, punctuated by faraway vocals and gradual build-ups, is the perfect soundtrack to have a mental revelation to, if you’re into that sort of thing. And something tells us that if you’re listening to this band, you just might be.

Psychedelic rock however, like most genres of music, isn’t dictated by one particular method of production. There are a plethora of ways artists use contemporary resources to get the sounds they want. In the case of Micro Missile Attack, this means producing cleaner, more refined sounds. While their tight, layered vocals are reminiscent of the Beach Boy’s signature singing voices, their distorted guitars and wavy synth backings are just what this group needs to dirty up their sound a bit. If you’re a fan of new-wave psychedelics, then you’ll definitely dig these chops.

Included in the Ventura lineup are interstellar soundscape painters Nuclear Juarez as well as local proto-freakbeat act Sunjammer, whose here-and-there references to Indian music are a callback to classic acid rock elements, where incorporating sounds from eastern cultures is pretty much the standard for all authentic psych-muck outfits. However, they also conjure up some jams that are also a little more organic. “Believable Confession” is a breath of fresh air away from all the THC-filled smoke, with subtle folksy undertones reminiscent of classic rock days. Maybe it can be said that psych bands are made of nothing more than a bunch of dirty hippies with instruments and a penchant for hallucinogens. Hell, it’s true more often than not; who can appreciate mind-bending music more than the mind-benders themselves?

All we’re saying is that these dirty hippies have made (and continue to make) some of the best material since Hendrix first graced the stage with “Purple Haze,” and how much more psychedelic can you get than that? Let’s be clear: you don’t have to do drugs to appreciate good psych music. But hey, they sure make the experience authentic.

$5-$10, Saturday, September 30, Ventura, 1011 Avenue B,, For more information and to purchase wristbands, visit

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1011 Avenue B, San Antonio Downtown

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