San Antonio's New Area Code Is Almost Here

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Photo via Flickr, Hamza Butt
San Antonio, known for its immense pride in the catchy "210" area code, will soon receive an additional area code. It's literally going to change the way we all make phone calls.

At this point there's too many phone numbers than 210 will allow, thanks to fast population growth in the area.

While you might be the type to automatically type the area code when saving contacts in your phone, those who aren't better do so before Saturday. With the implementation of the new "726" area code beginning on Oct. 23, the entire 10-digit number will be necessary to make calls starting this weekend to get callers used to the change.

If you already have a 210 number, no need to panic. You'll keep your same number. But if you need an additional phone line, there's a chance you made end up with a number with the new area code since there are limited phone numbers for the 210 area code.

We'll keep on with the 210 pride even with the new area code. You'll always be "Deuce Dime City" and "Countdown City" to us, San Antonio.