Here Are Some Options for Helping Earthquake Victims in Mexico

Here Are Some Options for Helping Earthquake Victims in Mexico
Photo via Twitter, @topos
San Antonio City Council encouraged residents to donate to the Mexican Red Cross during a meeting Thursday morning following two catastrophic earthquakes in Mexico during the last few weeks.

The Consulate General of Mexico in San Antonio office said there are plenty of supplies in Mexico City, but said monetary donations were more necessary at the time. While you may be hesitant amid some controversy with the American Red Cross, know that you have other options to help those in need.

We gathered a list of other organizations to help relieve those who were injured or displaced by the earthquake on Tuesday as well as the one the Sept. 8 earthquake.

Direct Relief
The humanitarian aid organization pledged to give 100 percent of donations to relief efforts within Mexico City, where it has staff members. It will also oversee medical supply delivery to areas in need. You can donate here, just be sure to select "Mexican Earthquakes."


All money donated to the earthquake fund will go to recovery and relief efforts, said the crowdfunding organization.

Fondo Unido México
Part of the United Way Network, the organization created an emergency fund for those affected by the earthquakes in México as well as the recent hurricanes.

Topos México
This non-profit rescue brigade was created after the 1985 earthquake, which happened 32 years earlier on Tuesday. The brigade posted this information to its Twitter on how people could donate money.

Feel free to check out these organizations to see how you want your donation to be used.