Honeysuckle Heads to Hogwarts

Remember when things were pure and magical and your biggest worry was how Harry, Hermione and Ron were going to escape the clutches of Voldemort? Yeah, we do, too. And so does the staff of Honeysuckle Teatime, which is taking Hogwart's favorite drinks and putting their own spin on the Harry Potter magic on Saturday, October 7.

Guests lucky enough to score tickets to the event can pick up their sweet treats from 2 to 4 p.m. that day. Try the butterbeer milkshake (butterscotch caramel chai) topped with a lightning bolt cookie, chocolate bark, candy & lollipops in Gryffindor colors, or check out Honeysuckle's "own renditions of other famous treats from the books including chocolate frogs, cauldron cakes, and bubbling polyjuice potion," according to owner Sara Hinojosa.

The event will also feature other vendors including Cake Thieves Bakery with vegan Harry Potter-inspired donuts and vendors selling wands, quills and other magical items. Bring your gold coins.

Tickets, $10, to reserve your own butterbeer milkshake are available through eventbrite.com.

201 E. Grayson St.