For The Third Time This Year, A Forklift Was Used To Steal An ATM in San Antonio

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"Forklift thievery" might not be a household term in San Antonio, but after the events that took place last night, it will be. For the third time this year, a group of thieves used a forklift to lift an ATM into their getaway vehicle.

The most recent incident took place on Wednesday, at around 3:30 a.m., when four individuals stole a forklift from a construction site near an Chase Bank ATM on Evans Road, according to KENS5 News.

The group scooped up the ATM and loaded it into a stolen U-Haul, but they didn't get far. A bank security officer notified police of the truck and a sedan involved in the incident. SAPD detained two of the four suspects when the U-Haul crashed into an apartment complex gate near the 5100 block of North Loop 1604 East.

This isn't even the first, or second, time thieves have used a forklift to lift an ATM in San Antonio this year. An ATM went missing from the Huebner Oaks Shopping Center on February 22 after two men stole a forklift to yank the machine from the ground and put it in their Ford truck. Two days later, another pair of thieves used a forklift to get a Windcrest credit union ATM onto their truck. This time, however, police discovered the ATM on an access road near Interstate 35 and Walzem Road after it rolled off their truck.

It's unknown if any of these forklift crimes are related.