10 Songs From San Antonio Artists That Pair Well With The Cold

click to enlarge Milli Mars - PAUL RHODIS
Paul Rhodis
Milli Mars

OK, where the hell did this cold weather come from? Not that I'm complaining, I would just like some notice before I step out of the office in my usual short shorts and t-shirt and not have the cold wind tear across my thighs like razor blades of ice.

And because it's been a little gloomy and cold the last few days, we've come up with 10 tracks from local artists that are the perfect soundtrack during a brisk walk through Eisenhower Park or ride through Southtown. Hell, even just chillin' in your apartment with some hot cocoa as you scroll through your Facebook timeline looking for the latest chisme.

Milli Mars

Veteran San Antonio rapper Milli Mars isn't a stranger to the darker edge of hip-hop. Produced by SA native 8th Light, "Bottle Service" has that driving-around-in-a-hoodie-with-your-friends vibe but also could lend itself to a solo skateboard sesh downtown. 

Sunny and The Sunliners
"Should I Take You Home"

Ooh-wee! Arguably one of the, if not the, sexiest jams ever produced by someone from San Antonio, Sunny Ozuna's "Should I Take You Home" probably was playing in the background while a whole generation of folks were being conceived. So be careful with this one.