This Houston Driver Started Dancing When Police Pulled Him Over

A Houston driver had an — ahem — entertaining arrest after he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Police attempted to stop the man, identified as Darrious Brown, but he decided to keep on driving onto the highway.

He only stopped after he saw that police officers had put up spike strips. But, he didn't exactly give up. Brown refused to step out of the car for several minutes. When he finally emerged, he put on a show for the police according to Houston's KPRC 2.

Brown got down, not on the ground like police were requesting, but by dancing. Even better, it was caught on video.

After officers asked Brown to put his hands in the air, he started jumping up and down a bit, twerking a little, and even shimmying with his back to police. Given the fact that he was surrounded by police, we're kinda surprised he didn't start doing the YMCA. Either way, it's not clear whether Brown was drunk or high, but it's most likely he wasn't sober for his outburst.

The driver eventually turned around and started backing away. That's when police released a K-9 that bit Brown who was taken to the hospital for a leg wound. Plus, he was charged with felony evading and is set to appear in court on Friday.