Tim Duncan Recognized on House Floor for Hall of Fame Induction, Relief Efforts

Tim Duncan was honored, as he should be, on the House of Representatives floor on Thursday. While San Antonio will honor The Big Fundamental for just existing, the House dedicated a minute of their time to give Duncan credit where its due.

Stacey Plaskett, a Democratic congresswoman from the islands, took the floor to congratulate Duncan on the accomplishment. She went on to give a little background info on Timmy's success before the Spurs. For the few San Antonians that don't know, Duncan had grown up training to be an Olympic swimmer. Then, Hurricane Hugo struck in 1989, and all of the Olympic-sized swimming pools were wiped out.

Naturally, the young Duncan turned to another sport – and thank goodness he chose basketball. He led the Wake Forest University team to tournaments and earned player of the year awards by countless organizations, pretty much guaranteeing him to be the first-round pick in the NBA draft in 1999. And as all of San Antonio knows, the rest is history.

You can watch Plaskett's quick summary of Duncan's career and relief efforts below: