Houston Man Pleads Guilty to Supporting ISIS

Asher Abid Khan - FACEBOOK
Asher Abid Khan
A Houston-area man plead guilty to making plans on social media that provided "material support" to the Islamic State — also called ISIS or IS — on Monday in a federal court.

The prosecution will be dropping five other counts in the indictment of 23-year-old Asher Abid Khan for making plans to join ISIS in return for his full cooperation with further federal investigations in his case, according to the Associated Press. This includes three counts of conspiracy.

Khan could still get up to 15 years in prison; however, the prosecution may honor leniency if he remains true to the plea agreement.

In 2014, Khan had traveled as far as Istanbul to join ISIS, according to court documents. Before he left the Istanbul Airport, his family made up a story about his mother getting sick to entice him home — and it worked. The FBI had become aware of Khan via social media and took him into custody in May 2015.