Police Footage from Randy Travis' 2012 Naked, Drunken Arrest Released

Grayson County Sheriff's Office
Remember that time Randy Travis got drunk and was arrested in 2012?

Now his arrest video is on the internet, thanks to the internet.

The surveillance video was officially released on Friday after a federal judge denied Travis' request to keep it private. And it makes sense that he wouldn't want the video released since he was caught naked, disoriented and threatening police.

TMZ first released a screenshot from the video Monday afternoon and promised to upload a portion of the video, while a news station in Sherman (north Texas, y'all) tweeted the video Monday evening.

Their actions came after news organizations filed Texas Public Information Act requests for the dashcam video of the arrest back in 2012.

Travis' family filed a federal lawsuit back in September of this year, saying that the footage should be kept private under health record privacy regulations. According to the Associated Press, the lawsuit said the footage was embarrassing and would be inappropriate to release since Travis can't defend his actions (literally – he suffered a stroke in 2013 that limited his speaking abilities).

The judge clearly didn't side with Travis. While Texas' attorney general did agree to exclude portions where Travis is nude, the video is still available online, where it will, unfortunate to Travis, stay forever and ever, amen.

Here's one of the videos TMZ posted: