Korn's Jonathan Davis is Headed To North Texas With New Solo Material

Youtube, Sumerian Records

Today in random nu metal news: Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has announced a solo tour through the Midwest with stops in Houston and Dallas.

Not that we’re necessarily blasting Korn over here on the regular, but we’re not ashamed to admit that we definitely owned and listened to those first couple albums (come at us, hipsters). Anyway, Davis has a solo album coming out on Sumerian Records, which is sort of weird since the label tends to be the home to mostly metal bands like San Antonio’s Upon A Burning Body. (Fun fact: Bone Thug's Bizzy Bone actually put a record out through the label in 2010.)

The tour makes a stop in Dallas and Houston but skips us, which, I mean, I don’t know, are we salty? We probably would’ve showed up if the “Got The Life” singer decided to make a stop in the Alamo City, right? Maybe? I mean, not to compare the two, but Deftones are about to headline a festival here, so, there’s that.

Incorporating acoustic guitars and synths, the new single “What It Is” is a step away from the heavy-effects, low-tune guitar stylings of Korn and is actually a pretty decent listen if you dig the active-rock genre. No meth-fueled jibberish on this one though.

Watch the video, if you want: