'A Is For Ackbar': Joe Wight's 'Star Wars' Manga Alphabet

The acclaimed Joe Wight is one of the San Antonio artists to see at Alamo City Comic Con this weekend. You'll find him at the Artist Boulevard booth for San Antonio-based Antarctic Press. Wight has worked on a number of titles for the American manga publisher since bringing his independent title Title X to the company in 1988. Last year the publisher released Arclight Volume One: The Art of Joe Wight, a collection of Wight's gorgeously detailed artwork across a number titles and comic series. Wight also has works as cover art colorist for a number of titles from the Star Wars Manga series published by Dark Horse Comics. Over on his Deviant Art page, you'll find Wight's illustrated series of tiny, manga versions of Star Wars characters, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Just when you thought Star Wars penetrated every mass-market medium, you suddenly realize you've been lacking a Muppet Babies-style Star Wars television series your entire life, and that just seems wrong, all of a sudden. While you wait for Disney to get on top of that genius cross-brand synergy, you can use this slideshow to teach your child about the ABC's of adorable (or Alderaan  or whatever). [Related Article: 4 San Antonio Artists You Can Meet At Alamo City Comic Con] antarctic-press.comjoewight.deviantart.com
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"A Is For Ackbar"</h1]
"B Is For Boba"
"C Is For Chewie"
"D Is For Darth"
"E Is For Emperor"
&#148;F Is For 4-Lom&#148;
"G Is For Greedo"
"H Is For Han"
"I Is For IG-88"
"J Is For Jabba"
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