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A Local's Guide to San Antonio's Art Museums and Galleries 

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Any local will tell you that San Antonio is a hub for art galleries, museums and creative spaces. So whether you're new to the Alamo City or are just stopping by, here's a guide to some of San Antonio's must-see art venues.
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FL!GHT Gallery
134 Blue Star St. FL!GHT Gallery
Developed after the mission to create different silos along the banks of San Antonio’s river “with wings” creator Justin Parr gathered incarnations of contemporary art for display, artmaking, collecting and viewing to bring revenue and would eventually contribute to the a slice of the art scene we have today. FL!GHT has brought over 40 art exhibitions and to this day, it brings the presentation of art without compromise. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Flight Gallery
1906 S. Flores St. Gravelmouth Gallery
Local, national and worldwide artists, musicians and curators flock to the elaborately-created blue building with a street-art style mural. The innovation and emphasis of street-art stands out from the ordinary contemporary art scene in this venue with aesthetically-pleasing blends of color, lines, repetition, symbology and community representation. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Chris Montoya
Lady Base Gallery
1913 S. Flores St. Lady Base Gallery
Among many Southtown venues establishing great growth in the contemporary art industry through multimedia works and whimsical experiences, Lady Base Gallery offers a refreshing take on art with practices dedicated to the takes of women and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual communities with lectures and exhibitions calling for social change and acknowledgement of issues in these social areas. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Lady Base Gallery
Briscoe Western Art Museum
210 W. Market St. Briscoe Western Art Museum
Opened in honor of former Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe Jr. and his wife, Janey, the Western Art Museum has three levels containing artifacts like coach wagons, saddles, tapestries and artworks dedicated to Native Americans and a society of yore. The Briscoe keeps a packed calendar with gallery talks, book clubs, artist nights and lectures series occurring on a constant basis every month. $8-$10.
Photo via Instagram, Kathleen Scott
1420 S. Alamo St. Cinnabar
Another small art venue in the Southtown scene, Cinnabar is another gallery on the must-see list. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Cinnabar Gallery
445 N. Main Ave. Artpace,br> Built by businesswoman Linda Pace in 1993 at an incentive for the freedom to dream, endless pools of curators and artists from around the world have hosted magical exhibitions of color, light, lines and abstracts that take contemporary art up a notch. The variety of influences from different art styles proves to be a wonderful sight for personal experience and exploration of worlds unseen in the mind. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Artpace
Centro de Artes
115 Plaza de Armas Centro de Artes
A two-story exhibit lies deep in the heart of San Antonio beside the KWEX Univision station and Historic Market Square Downtown. Many of the exhibitions in the Centro de Artes arise from historical and cultural themes dedicated to the heritage and lives of local artists throughout Texas. Free.
Galeria Guadalupe
723 S. Brazos St.Galeria Guadalupe Since it’s establishment in 2002, the Galeria Guadalupe has been dedicated to preserving and expressing the Chicano, Latino and Native American arts through a diversity of perspectives and expression spanning through historical moments in culture. The Galeria also partakes in San Antonio’s many cultural festivals like Dia De Los Muertos, Hecho A Mano and Cinefestival to promote and recreate cultural stories. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Ko
Hello Studio
1420 S. Alamo St. Hello Studio
In the corner of South Alamo is an artist-run gallery showcasing multimedia works by artists from all over Texas. Performances and events from names like Brittany Ham are also held in this intimately placed venue in the art district.
Photo via Instagram, Manik Raj Nakra
High Wire Art Gallery
326 Josephine St. High Wire Art Gallery
Artistry and music unite as one in a eclectic venue where people can go to have a good time and enjoy sceneries and works of fantasy and whim. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Wayne Holtz
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6000 New Braunfels Ave. McNay Art Museum
A woman named Marion Koogler moved to San Antonio after marrying Sergeant Don Denton McNay and began collecting 17th, 18th, and 19th-century artworks shortly after he died from the Spanish Flu some time after their marriage; she accumulated over 700 works after her death in 1950. With an endowment to turn the 24-room mansion into a museum, space has been provided for Medieval and Renaissance paintings, as well as the works from around the world, including a pool of exhibitions ranging from Merida to contemporary photography. $15-$20.
Photo via Instagram, Jenalouwho

Presa House Gallery
725 S. Presa St. Presa House
A simple, refined white house contributes to Southtown’s evergrowing art scene with exhibitions of light and modern art that defines the alternatives and multiple media used in the contemporary art style we know today. The venue hosts great thematic exhibitions from time to time and also presents concerts and parties where you can enjoy a unique weekend party experience. Free.
1906 S. Flores St. Provenance
The Southtown Contemporary Art scene in San Antonio continues to flourish with the rise of small galleries dedicated to the works of emerging regional and local artists in artworks ranging from whimsical paintings to abstract drawings and prints. Provenance was opened by an art graduate from the Our Lady of the Lake University. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Provenance Gallery
7726 Broadway St. PSG Art
Also known as the Parchman Stremmel Galleries, the venue holds many different art forms such as seemingly classic paintings to contemporary artworks, and it is dedicated to the community with events and performances held in decent time frames.
Photo via Instagram, Parchman Stremmel Galleries
R Space
110 E. Lachapelle R Space
Rubio Gallery South, or R Space for short, is a contemporary art venue established by artist and curator Alex Rubio in San Antonio’s Southtown art district that exhibits varying ideas from artists ranging from graphic prints, paintings, cultural representations and much more. The venue also offers events and parties for the community to learn about different life themes through art and create art for themselves. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Marciela Olguin
R.E.M Gallery
219 E. Park Ave. R.E.M Gallery
Deep within the Tobin Hills district lies a three-story Victorian Era home that houses contemporary artworks from emerging local artists. The showcase of emerging artwork and artistic growth lies not too far from the downtown area and provides a great weekend date idea for sightseeing and taking your someone special to whole new places. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Benjamin McVey
Ruiz-Healy Art
201-A E. Olmos Dr. Ruiz-Healy Art
Post-War to contemporary drawings, photography, paintings and sculpture take center stage in the small art center with international artists bringing in works emphasizing Latin American, Borderland and Texas themes and influences. Since its inception from an appointment only venue to a public museum in 2013, Ruiz-Healy has hosted over 60 exhibitions published catalogues nonstop.
Sala Diaz
517 Stieren Dr.Sala Diez
A tiny white country-like house in the Cultural Arts District is a modern art gathering where artists are free to experiment, create and display their works through artifacts, settings and imagery. With it’s homely beauty and renowned area of comfort and shelter, Sala Diaz offer two stories of venues welcome you with up-close and informal viewings and gatherings to immerse yourself in an artistic experience like no other. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Bryan Rindfuss
San Antonio Museum of Art
200 W. Jones Ave.San Antonio Museum of Art
Once the home of the Lone Star Brewery, the tower on the northern area of the Riverwalk was established as a museum in 1981. The SAMA specialized exclusively in pre-Columbian, Colonial era and Latin American artworks until it expanded into collections of artifacts, ceramics and art from Asia, Egypt, Greece and Contemporary art through donations over the years. Admission $5-$10.
Photo via Instagram, Manola Canalizo
Say Si
1518 S. Alamo St. Say Si
With the growth of art taking San Antonio by storm through innovation, many schools and facilities such as Say Si are taking initiative to nurture educational environments where young artists can strive by learning techniques and skills that prepare them for future endeavors and reshape current methods through different dynamics. Exhibitions held by Say Si include paintings, drawings, graphic arts, theater and music for the community’s youth to develop and improve on ideas and artistic talents.
Photo via Instagram, Lizette Garza
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Southwest School of Art
300 Augusta St. Southwest School of Art
The great art campus showcases a variety of art styles ranging from traditional drawings and paintings to modern print designs and digital created by students who are learning various art styles. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Southwest School of Art
Terminal 136
136 Blue Star St. Terminal 136
The University of Texas at San Antonio has an off-campus gallery located at the Blue Star Arts Complex. With exhibits coming in from student and local artists, a trip to Terminal 136 is a worthwhile date that is sure to please with whimsical aesthetics. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Christopher Hardgrove
FL!GHT Gallery
134 Blue Star St. FL!GHT Gallery
Developed after the mission to create different silos along the banks of San Antonio’s river “with wings” creator Justin Parr gathered incarnations of contemporary art for display, artmaking, collecting and viewing to bring revenue and would eventually contribute to the a slice of the art scene we have today. FL!GHT has brought over 40 art exhibitions and to this day, it brings the presentation of art without compromise. Free.
Photo via Instagram, Flight Gallery


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