A-B is not a press-release whore, jumping on every bit of pre-fashioned “news” that pops into her mailbox. But she had to make an exception for Seguin’s own PickleSickle, in part because A-B harbors a sometimes lonely passion for pickle-juice paletas (so refreshingly sour in the hot summer), in part because it was invented by John Howard at the Outerskate roller rink, and shoot, A-B grew up skating (poorly) at a small-town roller rink (and, in the absence of PickleSickles, eating horehound candy by the bagful. Very Laura Ingalls Wilder).

Its reputed health benefits aside (blunts sugar spikes after carb-heavy meals, for one, making it a diabetic-friendly treat) A-B found the PickleSickle, packaged like a Mr. Freeze Pop, a little too salty, but Associate Editor Nicole Chavez came to its defense. “It’ll take a long time to eat, and it only has three calories,” she notes. Or one-and-a-half. One might be too much for a single person, she cautions, and suggests sharing it during a movie in place of a giant pickle. You can grab a box of 16 PickleSickles (an official Go Texan food) at Central Market for 8 and change, or savor more info at



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