Hey, sweet tooth, sugar doesn’t come from the poetic cane alone; some 30 percent of the world’s supply is manufactured from the sugar beet, and the U.S. is one of the world’s three largest producers of the crop. No surprise, then, that GMO juggernaut Monsanto has developed a Roundup Ready version of the plant, which, like the GMO soy bean, can tolerate heavy spraying of the glyphosate herbicide – and we do mean heavy: The EPA recently approved increased levels of glyphosate residue on those sucrose-filled roots.

But the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, a diverse religious group that works to influence company behavior on a host of environmental and social-justice issues, would like to convince major food manufacturers like McDonald’s, Kraft, and Kellogg that the cost of GMO sugar is too high – if not because glyphosate-resistant weeds and rogue GMO crops are already common, or because genetic research increasingly suggests that gene tinkerers are messing with a complex chain of dominos, then because a changing political climate in the U.S. means GMO labeling could become mandatory, and more than half of Americans say they’ll avoid the Frankenfoods if they can. Visit for more info.

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