Hometown bias probably plays a part when I say our local finalist for peta2’s Cutest Vegetarian Alive contest is by far the coolest of the bunch, with her manga-smooth two-tone ’doo. Smithson Valley High senior Kelly Anderson, who loves Green restaurant and recommends for recipes, went vegetarian and eventually vegan after she wrote a school report on animal cruelty in the food biz. You can vote for her at Anderson spoke with the Current by phone.

Do you have many friends who are vegetarians?

Actually, I don’t really have any friends around here who are vegetarian. I have some online friends, but none that I’ve actually met.

One of the stereotypes about vegans and vegetarians is that you won’t have as much energy ... but it says in the press release that you feel better than ever.

Oh, my gosh, yes, especially going vegan, I have so much energy now. I used to be not a very energetic perosn. I would take naps every day, and now I just have endless energy all the time ... I’m never run down, my skin has cleared up because of it ... It’s definitely been a good experience for me healthwise.

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