Well-known SA gal Heather Hunterlaunched Cowgirl Granola out of her kitchen this April in response to that most primal capitalism call: friend-and-family demand. Dissatisfied with the overbearing sweetness and ingredient clutter of many store-bought brands, Hunter’s been making her own for about eight years from a dozen basic ingredients. With its meaty oats, whole nuts (including Ocker Texas pecans), and slightly toasty cinnamon flavor, Cowgirl suits its name. Hunter adds organic ground flax and raw organic pumpkin seeds for an extra nutrition boost (the oats and raisins are organic, too). You can buy a 12-ounce bag for $8 at the Leon Springs Farmers Market, or by emailing or calling (210) 865-5900.

Amuse-bouche used to forage when she had more free time, and one of her favorite finds was lambsquarters, which cook into a heftier, mellower version of spinach (the seeds are a type of amaranth). It’s safer for a number of reasons to grow your own greens, of course, and herbs are gratifying because they’re damn hard to kill, even in Texas. Nick Vann explains the edible Herbal Landscape, 7 p.m. Thursday, July 9, at the San Antonio Garden Center at Funston and North New Braunfels. (210) 643-1445 for more info.

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