ANALOG IS NOT DEAD #3: Estate Sales, Islands and Tigers EP release at the Ten Eleven, Troller at Essentials Studio, Instagram Hunting, Scrotongues at Limelight

Hi -- so, here we go again. For those of you viewing this blog for the first time, my name is Bryan De La Garza (but everyone calls me brain), and I have always wanted to do a photoblog where I only post photos shot on film.  I have been trying to shoot a roll of film for each post and tell a story about what happened during that time I was shooting. The timeframe can be from one week to two weeks depending on where I go and how I am feeling at the time. I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you have any comments please send them my way to: [email protected] or leave them at the bottom of this page.

I have this weird obsession with estate sales, and I have been going to a few lately. I have even gotten to work late because I want to go to the estate sales on Thursday or Friday mornings, when they have more stuff.  I think it’s the eerie feeling I get walking into some dead person’s house with all their belongings labeled and laid out on beds and tables, for sale. I don’t know what it is, but I get the weird sense that the deceased owner is hovering above looking at all these strangers rifling through his/her/their memories and belongings and just sighing.

The above photo is of a man’s workshop in the lower level of this huge house. All I can remember is the damp, musty, rusty smell because it had rained that night and also the estate sale dudes left the doors open so all the stuff got wet. Luckily, I bought a whole box of National Geographics from 1976 for $3.  Speaking of National Geographics, I’m involved with making custom BUSTHOUSE art zines with my Austin friends Vincent Martinez and Boone Graham. Here’s a recent one I contributed to BustHouse#104, you’ll see some of the National Geographic clippings in the pages I contributed to.

It’s actually pretty beautiful to photograph empty rooms, but sometimes I feel like people get annoyed when they see my trying to get photographs while they are shopping.

Again, the natural light in this house was pretty amazing. I didn’t have the heart to look through the clothes; they still had the scent of the people who used to live there.

This scene kind of reminds me of my grandmother’s house. She had the same last supper scene in her kitchen.  Again, I really loved the brown and gold tones in the kitchen.

This same house had a mezzanine-like walkway and you could probably touch this chandelier if you wanted to. I bought a framed print of two go-go girls in a 70’s caricature style for $5.  It’s hanging in my editing studio in my apartment.  

This was taken at a different sale, a retirement apartment community-type building.  It had that old smell, and only one bedroom. It still had much of the original '60s and '70s décor. It was the old picture tube TV used as a night stand that I wanted to capture, as well as the spooky vibes I got from this person’s bedroom.

Island and Tigers had their Failed Attempts EP release show at the Ten Eleven. Their EP is available for free download on their bandcamp page, so go and download it and support some local musicians. I’m partial to track number four, titled “Give Up On Your Lover." 

So I went to this-->Mondo Nation: Pure X Afterparty featuring TROLLER.  If you haven’t heard of the Essentials Studio, I think Fabian Villa will be having more of these types of events at his studio. Pretty fun little spot to see a band and dance, if that’s what you’re into.  

TROLLER is a band from Austin, you can like ‘em here. They have their latest release for purchase and download on bandcamp.  

Green and white peppermint? I forget which eatery gives those out on your way out. Maybe Carrabbas? That’s what this girl’s dress reminded me of.

I’m not sure who was doing the video projections for the Pure X afterparty, but I have to give him or her a shout out for having some cool time-lapse footage.  I’m trying to do the same thing but with super 8mm footage I have shot.  

So there’s a bad dog problem in the area where I live. They pretty much roam everywhere, and my local postal delivery guy said he was attacked and almost had his crotch bitten into. It’s pretty crazy how many dogs there are in my neighborhood. It’s almost impossible to take a walk or bike ride without being chased.  But this dude was pretty chill.

There was an art event called Center City Open House 1 at 201 W. Commerce during the last week of May that I went to. They had art, dance, music, fashion, free beer, and food. It was a perfect venue for one of my 'Instagram exploration trips.'

The whole point of the open house was to take an underutilized space and showcase some of San Antonio’s historic buildings. I took an instagram photo of this view. You can follow me on instagram @BRAINOLD.

I don’t think I was supposed to wander into these vacant rooms, but I did and some of the juxtapositions of items hanging on the walls or impressions left from hanging items were pretty special.

There was something intimate about my friend Ed sitting with his girlfriend and they way they were sitting together holding hands. I really had to capture this moment.

So my friend Antonio Cisneros is really into music and seeing shows. He wanted to go to the Limelight for this punk show and I didn’t really want to go, but I hadn’t seen him in a long time so I decided to go with my camera in tow. The Austin punk Band the Scrotongues played that night and we walked away with t-shirts and jean jacket patches.  If you can’t see it, their shirt has a tongue licking a penis, pretty classy.

Antonio is a pretty social guy and was asking the band about where they were from and stuff like that.

Even though the Spurs lost, still gotta give some love to them making it to the finals and taking it to a game 7. I had to take a photo of this dude representing with the old school Spurs logo with pastel colors.   

What can I say about this shirt, but unicorns and Kansas city.

Antonio also was trying to teach me about color theory in color darkroom processing.  He asked this girl for a pen to explain to me the opposite of Red, Green, and Blue in terms of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. He drew this Star of David type diagram that would help me remember this.  Thanks Antonio. And also that was a pretty gnarly bruise. Again:  Magenta is the opposite of green?

So we finally got to hear the Scrotongues play and they were pretty epic.

More Scrotongues.  Pink hair and all.

Antonio was hyped and started moshing in the non-existent two or three person pit.

He was like, 'why are you just standing there?'

Ok. So I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Had a lot of fun exploring and shooting these photos. For the next post, it’s gonna be all black and white 35mm photos. It should be fantastic. If you have some spare time, check out my video work and some of my photos at It’s been recently updated to showcase more video work, but there are some photos on there. I will hopefully expand that in the near future.


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