Andrew Weissman's Sandbar now taking reservations; still awaiting Il Sogno 

Andrew Weissman, proprietor and chef of Il Sogno and Sandbar, has finally done it. Months after opening his two restaurants at the Pearl Brewery, he is finally ready to offer his customers the one thing they’ve been begging, screaming, clamoring for — reservations.

Sandbar is filled with fresh seafood, caviar, and hordes of well-to-do people. I love the place but avoid dinners because I can rarely get a table; scoring a table, even for two, can be tough. Thankfully, Weissman listened to squeaky wheels like me, announcing last week that Sandbar is now taking dinner reservations. Hallelujah! For those of us who like our evenings without an hour wait for a two-top, this is a blessing.

Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest, natch, so call (210) 222-2426 early.

Alas, the Italian Il Sogno still does not take reservations (though they made an exception for Valentine’s Day). Here’s hoping they’ll bend the rules for more major holidays (like Easter, Memorial Day, Arbor Day … ) and eventually, every day.

I have lambasted Weissman’s lack of online media for his restaurants in the past. Until recently, his only restaurant with a stand-alone website was Le Rêve, which closed for good in 2009. But now Sandbar has a website ( and a Twitter account (@TheSandbarSA). You can even get the menu and prices in a non-PDF format. Though the design and content is clunky, it’s a step up from nothing.

I’m happy he’s shut my whiny mouth (for the most part) with these new developments. Here’s hoping his latest technological developments bring him even further into the 21st century.



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