Armchair Cinephile: The Cine-Mini 

PICK OF THE WEEK: Supermania (Warner Bros.): How involved in this you need to get depends on your devotion to the Man of Steel. Obsessives will require the Ultimate Collector's Edition, a mega-box set which has every movie starring the big lug, and multiple versions of some. For everyone else, noteworthy titles are available individually: this year's Superman Returns; a loving four-disc testament to the first feature starring Christopher Reeve; and (most intriguingly) Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, which attempts to re-create the film Superman I director Donner was making when he was fired mid-production in favor of Help! helmer Richard Lester.

KEVIN SMITH-O-RAMA: Clerks II (Buena Vista); An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder (Sony)

Monster in a Box (Image): If Kevin Smith's hilarious take on spoken-word performance isn't your cup of fluid, this slightly more highbrow feature stars the always fascinating Spalding Gray (R.I.P.).

Hammer Film Noir (VCI): Vol. 4 includes: Terror Street, Wings of Danger: Vol 5 includes: The Glass Tomb, Paid to Kill

TV CORNER: At long last, the first season of St. Elsewhere (Fox)

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