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PICK OF THE WEEK- Knocked Up (Universal): If you’ve only seen Judd Apatow’s movies in the theater, you’re missing a big wad o’ fun. The director’s improv-heavy shooting strategy means that dozens of filthy, nasty laffs are left on the cutting-room floor, for special-edition discs to gather later on. Universal, catering to fans who want better views of those pimples on Seth Rogen’s ass, is releasing it on HD-DVD as well.

Black Book (Sony): Paul Verhoeven pours his entire exploitation-loving soul into this WWII tale of near-misses, daring escapes, and wrenching reversals, in which a Jewish singer finds herself ensconced in the Nazi establishment.

Chalk (Arts Alliance America): Local boys done good: Austinites Mike Akel and Chris Mass turned their experience as teachers into this funny, likeable mock-doc about a first-year educator. Fest crowds enjoyed it so much that, at last word, Hollywood was interested in their take on the world of Little League.

The Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection (Warner Bros.): Is it possible to be a huge children’s-fare star and not eventually be mocked by millions? This set reminds us what the public saw in Rooney & Garland for the years they were on top, showcasing the unfettered “let’s put on a show” enthusiasm of Babes on Broadway and three others.

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