The annual “When did CAM really begin?” debate is underway via email, and as Artifacts types, it’s reaching its cyclical denouement, in which all parties agree that it was 1986, the same year Blue Star (CAM’s home), the Current, and the Esperanza opened their doors (OK, Esperanza’s technically January ’87, but the founding paperwork dates to ’86). The Current is among the media outlets who’ve erroneously published “1985” in the past (you can read our confession and elucidation online, in the blog post “CAM wiki history,” June 25, 2008), but the present exchange was touched off by the new, interactive, easy-to-navigate, where you can find the entire month’s offerings (and which will be fixed by the time you visit.) The Current is printing a weekly guide to events (page 28) along with previews (Kristy Perez at Sala Diaz, page 26) and reviews (Texas Draws I, page 28).

If you missed the Vex’s 2007 production of Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis’s acidic (yes) musical satire Urinetown, the universe is extending you opportunity number two (what?): Trinity University is bringing it to the stage this November under the guidance of guest director and choreographer Alan Muraoka, a veteran of stage (Broadway, baby) and screen.



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