All right, all right, so Chris Sauter’s made these pages before: I’ve mentioned him as an adjunct professor at Palo Alto in an article about the stellar art programs at our community colleges `See “Art missions,” January 28, 2009`; covered his wedding to husband Rick Frederick `see “State of the Union,” June 10, 2009`; and rhapsodized about his installation in last July’s Contemporary Art Month blockbuster show, Lonely Are the Brave `see “Lately Come the Brave,” August 12, 2009`. But whadayagonnado, the man’s always up to something, como San Antonio’s own version of Miley Cyrus… only very, very different. We doubt the portrayer of Hannah Montana would mount an exhibiton of paintings that investigate “agricultural imagery … of grain elevators and silos as a network, not simply in what those particular structures do, storing and processing grain, but all kinds of networks that deal with biology; breaking down the structures of agriculture with the grain representing a biological unit,” as Sauter tells us. Who knows what Miley’s capable of, though: We didn’t see those titillating Vanity Fair pics coming, either. Exploding Silos, opening 6-8 p.m. Thursday, February 4, Three Walls Gallery, Blue Star Arts Complex, (210) 219-1562. — Sarah Fisch



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