Ask Aliyah: Peeping Toms & Diaper Changing Etiquette

Dear Aliyah, I live in a uniquely built complex that allows for me to see into the units of a few neighbors without much effort.  Recently, things have gotten really interesting as a younger and a very attractive neighbor has begun leaving her blinds open into the evening.  Being in my mid 30’s, I am too young to be a ‘creepy peeper’ and I really do feel like a shit-head when I catch a glimpse of her going on about her business and I linger for a while, but I can’t seem to not look.  I just need to be shamed into stopping, so do your best. “Mike”   “Mike”, I’m not sold on ‘shaming you’ as I think you simply need to set a few ground rules for yourself.  Let me suggest ‘no photos’, ‘no lingering’ and FFS keep your hands anywhere but ‘to yourself’.  Really dude, you are not a shit-head, but if you break any of the rules I set you may be answering to SAPD.  Remember, you can close your own blinds at any time. Aliyah   Dear Aliyah, Recently my husband and I were at a Spurs watching party at a friend’s house.  One couple was there with their baby.  He was around 6 months old and needed a diaper change. ‘Dad’ decided the living room was an acceptable place.  There were nearly a dozen adults in the room when he placed the kid on a lounge chair without a pad and changed the diaper haphazardly while mainly focusing on the TV.  We had only met the couple that night, but is this what we are in for once our friends start having kids?  Will our home suddenly be everyone’s baby’s toilet?  Please don’t tell me what he did was acceptable. Not a Mom   Not a Mom, I am fairly certain there are entire chapters of parenting books dedicated to diaper changing etiquette and I am surprised that these parents didn’t seem to read any one of them.  If the get together had been a play date, complete with parents and other babies, I think changing a diaper on a changing pad in the living room would have been acceptable.  You described a party with a room full of adults and therefore ‘Dad’s’ choice was in bad taste.  He easily could have waited for a commercial to excuse himself and his son and certainly should have used a changing pad.  Don’t let this instance deter you from inviting friends with little ones to your home.  When the day comes and you are expecting a visitor to stop by with a baby, be prepared to offer a diaper changing area of your choice.  A simple and well meaning “Let me show you somewhere comfortable to change him” would be welcomed by any parent especially so when followed up with “Do you happen to need a plastic bag?”  Might was well be proactive. Aliyah

Top Ten Things Not To Do at a Spurs Watching Party

10. Change a dirty diaper. 9. Mention Eva Longoria. 8. Boast about free Valero coffee before the game is over. 7. Cheer for the other team. 6. Brag about your own skills on the court. 5. Complain about the location of the AT&T Center. 4. Get so drunk you miss the end of the game. 3. However - Don’t run out of beer either. 2. Try to come up with any unique comments about Gregg Popovich, it’s all been said. 1. Initiate a “Go Spurs Go” chant, it’s just not the same in someone’s living room.

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