Bonehead Quote of the Week: Stu Burguiere On Sexual Assault

Just days after the horrific shooting rampage at the University of California, Santa Barbara by a troubled misogynist,Glenn Beck’s show “The Blaze” featured a segment with co-host Stu Burguiere mocking and marginalizing alarming national rape statistics. The right-wing Burguiere spends ample time striving to debunk a White House report that highlights instances of college rape by trying to prove one in five women have not been victims of sexual assault. Calling the numbers “inflated,” a “disservice” and “completely untrue” Burguiere goes on to refute the veracity of the federal report:

Screen Shot.

“What’s going on here is that the president is saying that these women were raped, and these women are saying they weren’t,” says Burguiere. “It is possible to have consensual sex while drunk or high,” the host opines. “Watch any beer commercial.”

The uncomfortable and misogynistic segment takes an even creepier turn when a skit, that distastefully features a giggling man dressed in a blonde wig acting out scenes with a show employee posing as a college male, ensues in an effort to argue against definitions of sexual assault. Very admirable, guys.

After uproar over the controversial skit, Beck issued a teary-eyed defense of the skit (there were female producers behind it, he argues) with revelations of his own family’s experience with sexual abuse. However tragic, you would imagine his past should have made him even more sensitive to the issue at hand. So, why would anyone spend any amount of time trying to downplay such a serious issue or frame it as an exaggerated problem? Overt se is one answer or, as Alternet noted, it may have a little something to with the fact that the study came from the White House (aka President Obama aka right-wing enemy numero uno).

In either case, Beck’s team manages, yet again, to deliver an embarrassing, insulting and terribly timed piece of

Video here:

via Media Matters for America

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