Caught in the act 

 With summer officially over, it's a good time to reflect on the strangest live show to hit the San Antonio club scene over the last three months.
  That title easily goes to David Allan Coe's unlikely July 11 stop at rock mecca White Rabbit.
  "Country DJs know that I'm an outlaw/ they'd never come to see me in this dive," Coe offered during his song "Longhaired Redneck." The lines may as well have applied to his performance. Country DJs probably weren't in attendance, but an audience mixed with frat boys, over-the-hill cowboys, and even a few hard rockers was on hand to watch the 66-year-old Coe demonstrate why he's part of a dying breed.
  Coe started the show off hard with his homage to Hank Williams in "The Ride," and never completed a single song in his 20-song medley, with the exception of his self-described favorite greatest hit: "Please Come to Boston."
  One of the stranger moments of the night came when Coe pointed at a fan wearing a GG Allin t-shirt and solemnly stated, "Allin was a good friend," before proceeding with "If That Ain't Country."
  He also performed a few of his raunchier tunes, including "Linda Lovelace," with this tender chorus: "Well, I've fucked 'em all from coast to coast, cause honey, that's my bag/ I'm the only guy in the world who can make Linda Lovelace gag."
  With a second half plagued by sound problems (and Coe's unbearably loud guitar), he abruptly ended things without an encore.
  "I think I'm dying," he ominously announced to the audience. We know how he felt.


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