Cheese Heroin! 

The subject of this week's Haiku Challenge was nearly Bush's stolen watch, but then MSNBC had to go and find evidence to back up Tony Snow's claim that the president put the Timex in his pocket. .

Instead, we're going with CHEESE HEROIN. As reported by countless news sources, including CNN,  cheese heroin is a new, super-cheap form of heroin laced with over-the-counter antihistamines. Not to make light of the 21+ deaths the drug's caused in the Dallas area ... but the idea of cheese heroin so just so ripe for haiku parody.

And so, I hand this over to our masters, Richard Dame (who I declare winner of last week's GOP debate challenge)  and Chris the Haiku Bike Guy. I hope a third poet, R. Haas from Claremont California, who posted a rhyming haiku-update about Paris Hilton's jail time last week (check it out), will give our boys a little extra competition.

Chuck, our designer, suggests you use this for inspiration:



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