Chewing Tobacco: The Best Tobacco Free Dip

Chewing tobacco has a long history in the United States. Chewing tobacco first became popular in 1910, but has been fairly resilient over the past century. Some people tried using chew tobacco because it seemed to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

Research debunked this misconception. Health experts have discovered traditional chewing tobacco had many health risks, which contributed to the gradual decline in its popularity. In 2014, only 3.3% of people over the age of 12 reported using smokeless tobacco. That figure is probably going to decline further since major league baseball has banned chewing tobacco.

Many smokers were discouraged to hear that chewing tobacco was not a healthier alternative to cigarettes. This meant they had to look for a different nicotine replacement option if they were trying to give up smoking.

Fortunately, a new option has emerged. Black Buffalo is a new company that was founded in 2015. The company sells tobacco-free dip to consumers all over the country. The founders were inspired to launch the company after they struggled to find high-quality tobacco alternatives.

They produced a tobacco-free dip that resembled the real deal. It was so convincing that a man that had been a tobacco farmer for 40 years couldn’t tell the difference. Although the dip that Black Buffalo sells doesn’t contain any tobacco, it still uses pharmaceutical-grade nicotine. Therefore, it is strong enough to curb the cravings of people trying to quit smoking.

The Tobacco-free Dip Is A Booming Market

The market for tobacco-free chew products is expected to grow considerably. The market for traditional smokeless tobacco products is still strong. Grandview Research estimates that consumers spent nearly $14 billion on these products in 2018. The market is growing at a pace of 7.2% a year until 2025.

However, the demand for traditional smokeless tobacco might be short-lived. Grandview Research states that a large reason that the market has been stable is due to the perception that is healthier than smoked tobacco. Customers might start abandoning regular chew tobacco as they become better informed.

Many customers might already acknowledge the health risks that chewing tobacco poses. They presumably find ways to rationalize using it to enjoy the sensation.

It is highly likely that many people that use traditional chew tobacco will resort to tobacco-free dip alternatives instead. Black Buffalo has given them a novel, convenient alternative.

Online Channels Make Black Buffalo Products Were Acceptable

San Francisco Weekly published an article last month on the role of e-commerce in disrupting the market for chewing tobacco. Here are some reasons that the Internet has given rise to tobacco-free chew products from Black Buffalo.

Greater Brand Exposure During The Covid-19 Crisis

The recent pandemic has created tremendous complications for consumers all over the world. People have become more reluctant to travel to their local convenience store, since social distancing has become so important.

This has forced many people to turn online to find various products. They have discovered new brands that they never would have found if they were not forced to make more online purchases.

Chew tobacco users have found brands like Black Buffalo. They have started experimenting with them, rather than the dip products that they used to use.

Few Geographic Restrictions

Many products are only available in certain communities. People often have to visit multiple stores before they find the brand and product line that they are looking for. This is especially true for specialized products like chew tobacco.

E-commerce has removed conventional geographic barriers. People can purchase products from Black Buffalo just about anywhere in the United States. They don’t have to settle for a traditional tobacco product if it isn’t carried by the store in their community.

Black Buffalo Provides The Traditional Chew Tobacco Experience Without The Health Risks

Black Buffalo has filled a major void in the market for chew products. They have given customers the opportunity to purchase a new generation of affordable products that don’t contain tobacco and the harmful chemicals that accompany it. Despite being tobacco-free alternatives, the products sold by Black Buffalo have a traditional flavor. They also have enough nicotine to curb cravings. They are great for people that enjoy the traditional chew tobacco experience, as well as smokers that are trying to curb their addiction.

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