Cornyn: Not present 

By Gilbert Garcia

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Republicans delighted in mocking Barack Obama for his numerous "present" votes in the Illinois State Senate. But a "present" vote still constitutes participation in the process, and that's more than we can say for Texas Senator John Cornyn, who skipped out on yesterday's cloture vote on the economic stimulus package, in favor of hobnobbing at a New York GOP fundraiser.

The cloture vote passed 61-36, and Brian Walsh, National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman, defended Cornyn by saying: "His vote wouldn't have had any consequence."

That's a great statement for the American electoral process. By this logic, none of us should ever vote, since it's unlikey our single ballot will decide any election.Since Cornyn will probably never cast the deciding vote on any piece of legislation, he might as well spend the rest of his term sunning in the Bahamas. Finally, it doesn't speak well for Cornyn that Ted Kennedy â?? who continues to recover from a brain tumor diagnosed last year â?? made it to the Senate floor last night, even though his vote was not essential.



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