If Critical Darling didn’t need the work, she could conceivably spend her days more prophetically, eating locusts in the West Texas wilderness, decrying the evils of MySpace. And yet the universe did not see fit to make this worthy young’un an heiress, and not being the type to flake on a pair of student loans, say, Critical Darling toils endlessly at her sparkly Current keyboard, writing diatribes about media villains instead of publicly shouting them.

So you’d think I was living under a rock to have missed the Megan Meier MySpace tragedy. In truth, I was in the process of moving (er, “in between homes”) for the last week. But back in the zone and on the prowl for media news this morning, I discovered this, just one more reason to hate MySpace:

Megan, a 13-year-old girl, hung herself in 2006 with a belt after her MySpace “boyfriend” Josh Evans told her “The world would be a better place without you.” It was just uncovered that Josh was a fictional person created by Lori Drew — Megan’s slighted best friend’s mother, who was well aware that the target of her little practical joke was on anti-depressants.

Our digital world is a prime one for deception — have some fucking tact. XO.

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