Critical Darling would like to begin by saying, “Bring me the head of Clint Hale,” but he’d probably just take that as a come-on.

Oh, wait — you two aren’t acquainted, are you? And why would you be … unless you had nothing better to do than read a certain faux-weekly-which-shall-not-be-named? I mean, you have jobs and friends and sidewalk chalk and worthy reading material. (CD, for one, is re-reading Jane Eyre. Let the record show that, yes, she faked it the first time.)

But last week, just maybe, last week the rabid Will Ferrell fans among you noticed that both your beloved raggy rag, The Current, and the Hearst-owned 32-pager on the rack next door (we like to call it Star-lite) touted an interview with the erstwhile Ron Burgundy.

How interesting that Clint Hale’s questions were so much, hmm, cleverer than usual. Could it be that five of them were actually posed by Current contributor Brian Villalobos at a press roundtable in Austin, which we have to assume Mr. Hale also attended?

Overlap happens at these things, sure, but when a body isn’t able to fulfill his word count by using only his queries (as BV did), and especially when said interview will be printed in another local outlet, it’s couth to disclose the circumstances (faker). XO.

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